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Fantasia Film Festival 2020: #ShakespeareShitstorm

Director: Lloyd Kaufman

Writers: Brandon Bassham, Lloyd Kaufman, Gabriel Friedman, William Shakespeare

Starring: Lloyd Kaufman, Erin Patrick Miller, Abraham Sparrow

Two decades after "Tromeo and Juliet", Lloyd Kaufman and The Troma Team go Back to The Bard for a TROMAtic adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest".


C. Here we go, TROMA. Upon its opening #ShakespeareShitstorm takes a sledgehammer approach to the hypocrisy and ludacris reaction on both sides of “cancel culture” or “PC culture.” Those familiar with Troma will know what they’re getting into, for those that don’t, it’s an intelligent discussion told through the filter of a hormonal preteen. Imagine a live action South Park get into a car wreck and you’ll get an essence of TROMA  Let’s just say within the first 15 minutes we are put through multiple suicides, total debauchery on a yacht, a drug to make entitled kids feel safe and an extensive whale poo scene which turns into a shitstorm or “shit orgy!” for others. So yeah… the story is meant to be an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, while incorporating other bits of his works and that Troma flair.  I respect what Troma has done since I believe they’ve played an important role in the modern industry, and Lloyd Kaufman is a genius in his own right. For fans of this company and brand of entertainment, this is pinnacle Troma. If this was the last film this company makes it would act as an incredible culmination of everything they’ve done. It’s difficult as a reviewer to criticize this as the insane nature, poor quality, etc. is all part of the Troma package. There’s even a monologue within the climax that discusses entertainment criticism, blogs, social media warriors and so on. It adds a layer of difficulty for reviewers because if they are criticizing the movie, then they’re a part of the problem that is being addressed. As this has popped up in several movies now during this age of social media, instant response, I’ve always found it to be lazy and weak. The mentality, even if subconscious, feels like they’re going, “see, you can’t say anything against us or we’re only being proven right. Ha Ha Ha.” There’s a certain current leader of a country that uses that same logic and is satirized in the movie. Actually if that section wasn’t in there I wouldn’t have anything to say because outside of personal taste it’s exactly what you sign up for with that company. J. Hands down, film of Fantasia for me.  My cohorts saw it first so I’m coming in lagging but this was a Troma-fucking-masterpiece.  If you know Troma, you know what you’re in for - hilarity, debauchery, nudity, drug use, nothing is ever boring and you get Lloyd Kaufman in multiple roles.  Of course they're also gonna deal with real world social issues. And whale shit. There is literally a shitstorm. This film was amazing. K.  Satire, shit orgies, soliloquies, breasts, buttholes and broad humor...Welcome back to Tromaville, motherfuckers!  #ShakespearesShitstorm beautifully skewers outrage culture and the coddled entitlement of millennials with the irreverence only Troma can deliver.  “Tis a balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, chief nourisher in life’s feast.”  Thank lord, for Lloyd Kaufman.  This was easily the funniest movie at Fantasia this year.  I haven’t laughed this hard all pandemic. Recounting the plot and all that nonsense is pretty pointless.  So I’ll just list off some of the wacky shit in store for you if you choose to partake in this masterpiece.  Handicapped stripper with a voice box, check.  Lloyd Kaufman playing multiple roles, check.  William Shakespeare himself doing a line of coke, check.  Whale fecal blooms, check.  Ferret petting, check.  Obnoxious woke millennials getting shat on by whales, check.  Nudity, check.  Musical numbers, check.  A gross out finale to rival Society, check.  And the movie stops to review itself halfway through. The film has a surprisingly polished cinematic look, great lighting and cinematography, some silly effects (which fits the ridiculous tone) and fantastic broad comedic performances all across the board.  Hilarious, gross, derisive, with bawdy humor that would make the Bard himself blush and beam with pride.  Would I say it’s the best cinematic adaptation of the Bard’s work?  Fuck yes!


C. #ShakespeareShitstorm is a 90 minute cocaine-fueled orgy that begins with a whale-diarrhea-hurricane and ends with mutant-genital-people… that’s putting it delicately. It’s funny that Kyle mentioned Society because I was about to as well in my initial reaction. It’s crazy, disgusting, purposefully offensive, low budget, raunchy,... It’s TROMA. You’ll love it or you won’t. That’s how they’ve always been and that’s really the best advice I can give to any of you who might want to see it. J. I already said it… this takes my Fantasia Oscar for Best Film category.  It hit me in all the right places and was full of everything I love.  Shit… nudity… drunken debauchery… wow, this isn’t making me sound very good is it? Oh, and COCAINE! K.  I agree with my colleagues here, it’s a goddamn masterpiece of the Troma-tic arts.  Obviously, your enjoyment of this kind of madness will be determined by your personal taste and morals and so on.  I loved it.  I’m gonna buy a blu-ray as soon as it’s available and maybe host a watch party on a yacht and pray to the weather Gods for a forecast of whale shit.  I’ll reiterate, given Shakespeare’s penchant for bawdy humor, this is the best cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare ever committed to film! Bloodhound’s average score: 4 ½ out of 5

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